Grandview Heights & Marble Cliff

Like two peas in a pod Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff are two charming communities unbelievably close to the action of downtown Columbus. Both are incorporated independently, Grandview Heights as a city, Marble Cliff as a village, but together share many high-quality services that make them both desirable places to live. The highly rated Grandview Heights School district serves both communities as well as the Parks and Recreation department and Grandview Library. Grandview Avenue is full of eateries and shops centered on the “Bank Block” – the first shopping center of its kind!


Marble Cliff was incorporated first in 1901, and five years later Grandview Heights was incorporated in 1906. Around its incorporation, Marble Cliff was referred to as “Arlington” a name still referenced today thanks to its neighbor to the north – Upper Arlington. Legend has it that Grandview Heights received its name from one of its earliest residents, Alice Urlin who, from the balcony of her home overlooking the Scioto River valley, declared what a “Grand View.” Both communities grew with the street car development but were soon landlocked by neighboring cities. In recent years, Grandview has seen a renaissance of its former industrial east end into the Grandview Yard development bringing in new businesses and residents into the community.

City of Grandview Heights
Grandview Heights Schools
Village of Marble Cliff
Grandview Heights Public Library
Tri-Village Chamber of Commerce
Grandview Heights Marble Cliff Historical Society

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